Racing proud to be a part of Luigi’s Rollicking’ Roadsters at Disney’s California Adventure

“When Disney called us about creating the wheels for these Roadsters, we were excited…it’s always nice to be a part of something like this.’ commented Circle Racing owner Mike Stallings. Inspired by the 1950’s Fiat 500s, Stallings recommended their 89 Series Smoothie wheel. While a 15″ is the smallest size for normal cars on the road, these dancing automobiles required something a bit more special. “To make them work for this sized scale, we had to use 12″ machined hoops typically sized for lawn and garden vehicles” Stallings remarked. What they ended up with was just the right touch to help Luigi’s Rollicking Roadsters bring a bright and colorful spark to Disney’s California Adventure.

To get a piece of the magic for yourself, call our sales department and ask for details on the 89 Series Smoothie wheel. You can even order the exact colors featured on the roadsters: Rollicking Red, Guido Blue, Radiator Springs Green or Final Lap White.